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Because it is a private funding source, Norfolk Capital is able to provide creative, quick-turnaround solutions that respond to a borrower’s immediate financing needs through flexibly-structured asset-based loans.  

Best hard money lenders boston | Norfolk Capital
Hard money lender boston | Norfolk Capital

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The principles of Norfolk Capital and its affiliates have been actively involved in essentially all aspects of the Boston-area real estate market for over twenty years. During that time our team has acquired, sold, and financed  over $100 million of real estate projects in the Northeast. 

Our Philosophy

Fostering real estate success…

Norfolk Capital seeks to support & participate in successful commercial and residential real estate projects that improve Boston-area communities, enable borrowers to achieve their business objectives, and provide Norfolk’s investors with secure and premium-level returns on their capital.  To achieve these objectives, Norfolk Capital has designed its services to foster close, personal, long-term relationships with both its borrowers and investors.

Hard money loans boston | Norfolk Capital
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