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Norfolk Capital

About us: Norfolk Capital is a private lending firm in Boston and the surrounding local area’s commercial and residential real estate market, focused on serving the financing requirements of real estate investors, developers, and home builders.

Because it is a private funding source, Norfolk Capital can provide creative, quick-turnaround solutions that respond to a borrower’s immediate financing needs through flexibly structured asset-based loans, for Boston investors, developers, and homebuilders. Additionally, because of the features of the market it serves, Norfolk Capital can reward its investors with secure and premium-level returns.

The principals of Norfolk Capital and its affiliates have been actively involved in essentially all aspects of the Boston-area real estate market for over twenty years, and during that time our private lending firm in Boston has acquired, sold, and financed millions of dollars of Greater Boston real estate projects ranging from single-room-occupancy projects to small multi-family properties to mid-sized commercial property development.

About us: Norfolk Capital’s Business Philosophy

Norfolk Capital in Boston seeks to support & participate in successful commercial real estate projects that improve Boston-area communities, enable borrowers to achieve their business objectives, and provide Norfolk’s investors with secure and premium-level returns on their capital. To achieve these objectives, Norfolk Capital has designed its private lending firm in Boston to foster close, personal, long-term relationships with both its borrowers and investors.

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