How to Apply to a loan

Norfolk Capital takes sophisticated investing strategies and makes them better with personalized guidance and tax-smart technology. Here’s what you can expect and all the information you need to know how to apply to a loan.

Learn how to apply for a loan with us


Are you looking for funding for your next real estate project?


Do you currently own a property for which you're looking for rehab funding?


Do you have a real estate opportunity that needs fast or flexible funding?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you could qualify. Apply now so we can get to know more about you and your investment needs!

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hard money loan applications | Norfolk Capital

We’ll Review Your Application ASAP

Once we know a bit about you and your financing needs, we’ll assess the viability of your project.

Have questions regarding your project? No problem. Our team of real estate experts are here to support you. Simply contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

We’ll define your financing terms based on your qualifications

Now that we have done our review, we’ll propose financing to meet your project needs. When it comes to financing, our proposal is based on the success of the project.

Apply now so we can get to know more about you and your investment needs!

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Our team will be there to finance you at every milestone

Above all, our company is all about helping our clients win. Throughout the process you will face milestones to allow for your funding draws. As a result our internal team will become your valued partners to make sure that you get in and out the deal successfully. Make sure to let us know if you need any more help about knowing how to apply to a loan, we will be happy to hear from you!

Apply now so we can get to know more about you and your investment needs!

You Could Qualify for 100% Financing

No hidden fees. No drawn out processes. Simply submit your application and finance your real estate project when you need it. Some limitations may apply.



8% – 12%

Rates may vary based on qualifications

Typical Loan Parameters

Project Types

Flix and Flips, New Construction, Rehab, Raw Land, Mixed Use, Commercial, and Portfolios

Lending Area




Loan Term

6 – 24 Months

Loan to Value

Up to 100%

Origination Fee


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