How hard money lenders balance the playing field?

Written by Norfolk Capital

December 22, 2020

how hard money lenders balance the playing field | Norfolk Capital
For real estate developers with poor credit history, losses on their records, no credit history or young credit history, it can feel like the traditional market for loans has nothing to offer. This can be so frustrating as now more than ever is a great opportunity to pounce on a distressed real estate asset and turn it into a property that can be sold for great profits.

Traditional Lending Market response to the pandemic

With the pandemic, many corporate lenders are looking to stand pat and are taking a wait and see approach to the lending market. Some newer lenders are experiencing defaults or are experiencing problems with the wall street money sources they have relied on. Experienced Hard money lenders understand that in this market, those that are willing to invest in the lending market can pioneer dramatic new growth in their region and offer lifeboats to developers who need capital to stay afloat.

Norfolk Capital’s Response

Hard money lenders like Norfolk Capital are here to help. They are here to provide financial opportunities for borrowers without access to traditional financial solutions due to a lack of stable cash flow and poor credit. Norfolk is interested in your plan, not your credit history. Do your contractors look reputable and complete projects on time? Do you have potential buyers or many potential buyers eager to purchase your property once completed? Norfolk’s focus is on the quality of the project, not the history of the borrower. They provide capital quickly and easily for your real estate investment needs.

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